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The drug does not affect the degree of sexual arousal and is not effective in the absence of sexual stimulation.
Before taking patients with heart failure, arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, suffered a fresh heart attack must undergo a full examination and consult a physician.
Be wary appoint patients taking drugs to lower blood pressure because of the possibility of strengthening effect of the latter.

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BUY GENERIC VIAGRA AT the BEST Canprepare Viagra that you can buy in a pharmacy without a prescription intended for middle-aged men with erectile dysfunction. But it can also use of all who wish to prolong sexual intercourse, seeking to insure and to be confident in their sexual opportunities. The daily dose of Viagra is 20 mg (1 tablet), to increase the dose should not be.
As the male counterpart, viagra for women is aimed at stimulation of blood circulation in organs of small pelvis. Consequently, the more blood rushes to them, the more sensitive they become. As a result, there is more lubrication, the woman actively responds to affection, stronger excited. Scheduled sex is often spontaneous nicer. If before intercourse do you take viagra, you can be sure that sexual games will only be crowned with success.

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The active substance of viagra for women is sildenafil. The drug should be administered 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse and are not to be combined with food containing nitrates. Not recommended to apply it more than once a day. The maximum dose to the reception – 50 mg. Pregnant and nursing mothers, the drug is contraindicated.
Sexual desire in women largely depends on the surrounding atmosphere, and from her inner spirit. If somewhere deep down she has a fear of being left unmet, it is unlikely to agree to a sexual relationship. Unfortunately, the promises of men are powerless. Therefore, if you want to tune in a romantic mood and help your partner to reach the peak of pleasure – give her a capsule of viagra for women.
I think it is unnecessary to tell anyone what drugs are Viagra, Viagra and Viagra.

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They are all created for men who experience difficulty achieving an erection or simply erectile dysfunction.
I began to experience difficulties with achieving erections, immediately turned to the doctor, he told me that I needed a break from work, life is very stressful, very draining.
Recommended to take the drug Viagra 50 mg before sex. Also said that it is possible to use Viagra and Viagra 10-20 mg. prescription, in General, all as expected.
Having come to the pharmacy after seeing the prices I was stunned.. went Out upset and sad. Talked to a friend they say, the problems I have, and he tells me try generics on the Internet buy, and hints allegedly bought and tried it, well I'm not Ty asking where I got and how much, wrote the address on the Internet

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I decided to order probic there just all three drugs 2 tablets, and all this cost me 1тысячу rubles, and this is with shipping!
The first thing I tried generic Viagra, the effect is certainly cool, just thought about sex and ready. But the next morning my head ached, but the way it was described in the side effects, I was not surprised.

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The next evening I tried Viagra, worked a little faster than viagra, and side effects personally, I podutil. However with the reception Viagra had to wait a little, Viagra also works one and a half day, and the next day I was in all the weapons.
When it was time to try the Viagra, my wife arranged the romantic dinner, the wine well as it should be. It is good that the Viagra can be taken with alcohol I took before dinner, the effect I felt literally 15 minutes, but it was early and erection as such did not have(I'm not allowed). After dinner we moved to the bed. About side effects I forgot to do them was not easy.
So after Viagra, I don't see any reason to buy other tablets.